Terms and Conditions of Vogue Loyalty Programme.

The following terms and conditions govern the use of your Vogue Loyalty Card Membership. Therefore, it is important that you read and understand them thoroughly before you sign or use the Vogue Loyalty membership. By signing, using, registering your mobile number, accepting the Membership Card you will be agreeing to be bound by the clauses set out herein:

  1. A Member must be aged 18 years or above to be eligible for a Vogue Loyalty Card membership. The Vogue Loyalty Programme reserves the right to terminate the Vogue Loyalty Card membership and to alter or amend the conditions of operation of the Vogue Loyalty Programme including those relating to the withdrawal or addition of offers, as it deems fit from time to time, without any prior notice to the Member.
  2. A Member may earn Vogue Loyalty points by presenting the registered mobile number or the given Loyalty Card when purchasing goods or services at any of the Vogue Jewellers branches. The basis of allocation of points and the value of such points shall be determined by Vogue Loyalty Programme in its absolute discretion from time to time
  3. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the correct membership owner’s name is printed on the bill. If there is a discrepancy, it has to be brought to the respective outlet’s notice at the time of billing. Vogue Loyalty Programme bears no responsibility if discrepancies have not been brought to the branches notice at the time of billing.
  4. Vogue Loyalty Programme is under no obligation to award points for any reason beyond the qualifying transactions or any other point schemes awarded by Vogue Jewellers.
  5. Vogue Loyalty programme Number remains the responsibility of the Vogue Loyalty Programme Member/s, as well as security details relating to the membership. Vogue Jewellers shall not be held responsible for any loss arising from any Member failing to ensure the safe-keeping of these items/details.
  6. Vogue Jewellers takes no responsibility for any points awarded to a Vogue Loyalty Card Membership if the customer misplaces or accidentally switches the Loyalty Card in possession with someone else’s.
  7. The Vogue Loyalty Card member must redeem the points accumulated within the time periods stipulated by Vogue Loyalty programme from time to time. Any points not redeemed within the stipulated time frame shall be deemed to have expired and will be cancelled.
  8. Vogue Loyalty points are not convertible to cash.
  9. Vogue Loyalty Programme may contact the Member in order to update member details and/or collect information and retain the member data. The Member shall notify Vogue Loyalty Programme any change of personal particulars at the first reasonable opportunity after such change. If Vogue Loyalty Programme requests the member to update the information via any mode or electronic platform of Vogue Jewellers, that should be done so by the Member.
  10. All Members may receive Vogue Loyalty Programme communication including updates and promotion details via various mediums including SMS / messaging apps / email / post / social media, the Vogue website or via other direct communication methods; and consents to receive communication from the above channels.
  11. Members shall abide by the following in using the Vogue Loyalty Membership Card or Mobile number registered with Vogue Loyalty Programme. The failure to comply with the below would result in refusal of granting such offers by Vogue Jewellers and / or the cancellation of the membership of Vogue Loyalty Programme.
    1. The Members shall present the Card/mobile number before or upon making any purchase from a branch.
    2. The offers may not be used in conjunction with each other at the branch, unless otherwise stated.
    3. Each branch has the absolute discretion to reject the Card/mobile number if it has reasonable grounds to suspect, or there has been any report that the Card /Mobile number has been tampered with, whether intentionally or not/mobile number is no longer active / incorrect.
    4. Signatures on all request documents are to match the signature on the original application form filled by the member. Vogue Loyalty Programme bears the right to refuse any requests if signatures don’t match the original application.
    5. The Vogue Loyalty Programme shall not be under any obligation to replace any Cards which have been misplaced, lost, damaged or stolen. Members should notify the Vogue Loyalty Programme Call Centre of any loss or damage to the Card forthwith. Replacement cards may be obtained on request at a rate stipulated by Vogue Loyalty Programme.
    6. All relevant taxes or service charges incurred in all transactions involving the presentation of the Vogue Loyalty Membership Card shall be borne by the Member if applicable.
    7. Vogue Loyalty Programme shall not be liable for any loss, (whether direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential) or damages suffered by reason of the Member’s use or inability to use the card including failures occurring due to transmission of data or any disclosure (inadvertent or otherwise) of any information concerning Member or for any error, omission or inaccuracy with respect to any information disclosed.
  12. By accepting the membership, the Member irrevocably acknowledges and agrees that;
    1. The Vogue Loyalty Programme shall not be liable for any loss, physical injury, illness, costs or damages resulting from or during any visit to or purchases made from any branch.
    2. Vogue Loyalty Programme, its assignees, directors, staff, agencies, consultants or associates shall not be liable to any Member in respect of any issues concerning the issuance of the membership and the operation and maintenance of the membership.
    3. Vogue Loyalty Programme may at any time and in its absolute discretion terminate this Vogue Loyalty Programme agreement and/or cancel and/or terminate the member’s membership without any reference to the Member, and without assigning any reason for same. There will be no refund of the joining fee paid by the Member to Vogue Loyalty Programme or any part thereof if the membership is cancelled or the right to use the membership is terminated.
    4. In the event that the function of the memberships are expanded to include additional services for which additional subscription fees or charges are to be payable, the Member shall be liable for any such fees and charges that maybe applicable prior to the use/consumption of such services and Vogue Loyalty Programme shall not be liable for all charges of whatsoever nature in connection with or pursuant to the use of such services.
    5. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby agreed by the Member and Vogue Loyalty Programme that all provisions contained herein shall continue in full force and effect notwithstanding the termination of this agreement and/or the expiry of the membership in accordance with the terms of this Vogue Loyalty Programme Agreement.
    6. If any one or more of the provisions of this agreement or any part thereof shall be declared or adjudged to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable under any applicable law, such illegality, invalidity or unenforceability shall not violate any other provisions of this agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.
  13. This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Sri Lanka
  14. Where indicated, further information can be found online on our Terms and Conditions page or by calling the Vogue Jewellers Marketing Department.

“Loyalty Card” shall mean the Vogue Loyalty Card issued at the total discretion of Vogue Jewellers on the terms and conditions and for such fees as Vogue Jewellers may decide from time to time.

“Member” shall mean the registered Vogue Loyalty Programme member